Residential AC Repair in Victoria, TX

Are you experiencing issues with your AC not starting? Is your cooling system making odd noises or sounds like it’s not functioning properly? Don’t worry! The team at Crossroads Mechanical Inc. is all too familiar with these issues and can help you with such repairs and more.

Your Problem? It’s Probably Common!

Some issues you experience with your system you may be able to fix yourself. However, if your system is leaking refrigerant or making an odd noise, it’s best to just get in touch with us. We will even service your AC outside of hours if it’s an emergency– you never have to worry with Crossroads Mechanical Inc.! 

  • The air conditioner won’t turn on? You should check to make sure your thermostat is properly set. If your breaker is tripped, you may not need to make a repair call after all! 
  • Is your air not cold? Double check your thermostat settings and then replace the air filter. If this doesn’t help, check the outdoor unit for leaking refrigerant. If so, we will come out and assess the damage and provide you with a solution. Certain refrigerants have been outlawed as they harm the ozone layer, and if your unit requires this special one, you may need a new unit installed.
  • Uneven cooling? While a call may not be necessary, instances like fluctuating temperatures or extreme humidity (common in this region) can be the cause. We can even help with a zoning system or recommend a mini-split! 
  • Air conditioner making strange noises? Sounds like banging, screeching, or clicking could mean severe problems are on the horizon. You may have to call us about this issue, and sooner is better than later.
Is your problem not listed? Are these troubleshooting tips not helping? Crossroads Mechanical Inc. is here to help with a proper solution. We won’t cut corners!