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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Victoria, TX

Routine air conditioning maintenance in South Texas is necessary and can provide many real benefits for your air conditioner, including increased reliability for your entire system. You can never be sure about what the South Texas elements and seasons will bring..

Air Conditioning repair technician fixing a unit in Victoria, TX

Regular Tune-Ups Can Help Your Unit Last Longer

To better prepare your system for the South Texas heat and surprises of winter, Crossroads Mechanical Inc. in Victoria, Texas can help troubleshoot issues you are experiencing and complete check-ups to make sure they don’t persist when you need your unit the most. Let us take a closer look at your system to ensure everything runs smoothly! When you schedule a routine maintenance check, you can be sure that a team of experts will perform the following maintenance tune-ups.

A mix of Crossroads Mechanical images showing their technicians fixing AC units

Tighten Connections

Your system will continue to run safely with secure connections. 

Lubricate Parts

If your system is properly lubricated, other parts are unlikely to resist movement and, therefore, will resist breaking down as quickly as if they weren’t lubricated.

Clean AC Unit

Over time, these coils can become dirty, decreasing overall efficiency and airflow. Their potential to absorb heat also weakens! We can help clean them to ensure the maximum running efficiency of your system.

Evaluate System

For your system’s best performance, our team will check to make sure your system is starting, running, and shutting down correctly.

Self Maintenance Routines You Should Adopt

As a homeowner, you can be proactive and make sure your system runs smoothly and without hassle with these practices. 

  • Change your air filters. You should regularly replace your air filters as it helps a system to run more efficiently; you may have to do so more if you have pets or someone in your home has seasonal allergies. 
  • Remove debris from your system. Leaves, grass clippings, and dirt can quickly acquire and build up outside your system. Be sure to trim shrubs and plants near your system back, so this doesn’t harm airflow.